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YMR Moda

Since 2008, it has continued to maintain its position in both manufacturing and wholesale sectors. As one of the few companies in the sector with the design style and superior production quality of their products, it has taken its place as a solid women’s denim jeans clothing brand both in Turkey and abroad. 

Our goal is to create the understanding of MODA (FASHION) in denim jeans apparel industry and enhance our place in domestic and overseas markets with our own brand. It has become a sought-after brand by combining its original understanding of fashion, its following the world fashion closely and years of experience with customer satisfaction.  Our company, which shows the necessary attention and care in sales as in production quality, has achieved the necessary dynamism in production and marketing with the information systems and energy required by the age. 

Original Design

We closely follow the world trends, we have adopted the original fashion concept.

Latest Tech. Production

State-of-the-art fabric spreading and fabric drawing machines, test and control facilities…

Quality Raw Materials

We produce women’s jeans with the highest quality denim raw material in the sector.

Expert Team

We work diligently for you with our team of years of experience.


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